Carbon taxpayer offer prices per carbon credit:

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$ 4.38 $ 5.24 $ 6.50 $ 10.00 $ 11.27 $ 12.50 $ 13.77 $ 15.00 $ 16.00 $ 17.00 $ 18.00 $ 19.00 $ 20.00 $ 21.00 $ 22.00 $ 23.00 $ 24.00 $ 25.00 $ 26.00

What we do?

As Carbon Financiers, we fund projects that seek to reduce or remove Green House Gas ("GHG") emissions through the development of ISO-certified high-integrity quality Carbon Offsets in line with the proposed outcomes of the Paris Agreement to target Net Zero and fund impacts through any of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

CFM™ Methodology

We approve finance advances for projects (ex-Ante).

We issue carbon offsets after the project is commissioned and independent verification (ex-Post).

We do not offer carbon offsets to traders or exchanges, but sell and retire verifiied carbon credits directly with Net Zero buyers (e.g. Carbon Taxpayers).

Why do we develop quality carbon credits.


We have effective program governance to ensure transparency, accountability, continuous improvement and the overall quality of the carbon offsets we develop.


Our Register uniquely identifies, records and tracks mitigation activities and carbon offsets issued to ensure offsets can be identified securely and unambiguously.


We provide comprehensive and transparent information on all projects.

Our pricing, based on the carbon tax rates, could not be more transparent.

Our information is publicly available to approved users in a digital format via our Register, to enable users access to the complete provenance of each carbon offset we develop.


We have robust independent third-party ISO standard auditors vetting, validating and verifying all registered projects.


We ensure each registered project would not have occurred in the absence of the incentive created by carbon offsets.


We ensure the removal of GHG emissions shall be permanent (for up to 40 years) or, where there is a risk of reversal, there shall be contractual legal binding measures in place to address those risks and compensate reversals.


We compensate for avoidable reversals by providing for a warranty on the audited baselines for registered projects in order to reduce the financial risk of permanence.


Our baselines are conservatively quantified and based on scientific researched methods.


Our Register controls avoid any risk of double counting, double issuance, double claiming, and double use.


5% of the capital we create is set aside for investing in Sustainable Development Goals projects in collaboration with rural communities in areas where the projects are implemented.

Building a science laboratory or a computer room or hiring a math teacher, can ignite a community and lift them to a new higher level of income.

In addition, we are able to unlock further capital to put SMMEs in business and in so doing create more sustainable jobs.

Net Zero

We avoid locking-in levels of GHG emissions, technologies or carbon-intensive practices in our operation that are incompatible with the objective of achieving net zero GHG emissions by mid-century.


We are proud to have received recognition from the United Nations for our Carbon Funding Mechanismâ„  developed for Africa.

Corporates, SMMEs and rural communities will benefit from our Carbon Funding Mechanismâ„ .

Any More Questions

I am Miss Carly Diamond and you may ask me any question you have regarding our Carbon Funding Mechanismâ„  and the Emission Reduction ("ER") services we provide.

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if you want to unlock funding for your GHG emission reduction project or you are seeking to offset your future carbon tax liabilities.

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